​​Queen​sborough​​ United ​Soccer club


- Play soccer for the fun of it, you’re not here to please your parents or your coaches.
- Always play by the rules.
- Always work hard and try your best.
- Never argue or disrespect your coach in any way shape or form.
- Always approach your coach in a respectful manner and be prepared to have a constructive conversation.
- Never argue or complain about a referees call or decision.
- When frustrated learn to control your emotions and be calm. Better decisions are made on and off the field with a cool head.
- Play by the rules of the game; resist the temptation to retaliate when you feel you have been fouled. Let the coach or referee be the judge of those instances.
- Always show good sportsmanship on and off the field towards your teammates and your rivals.
- Never ridicule or criticize any of your teammates or rivals. Remember treat others as you would like to be treated.
- Always be supportive and cooperative to your coach, teammates, and referee. These are all values of good sportsmanship.


 - A child/player should not be forced to engage in training or playing if they are unwilling to do so.
- The child/player is playing soccer for their enjoyment not yours.
- Teach your child the rules of the game and encourage them to play by those rules.
- Encourage and motivate your child to try their best and always work hard. Developing and improving their skill sets above anything else.
- Help promote good sportsmanship on and off the field.
- Do not attempt to coach or give instructions during practices and especially in games. Your mission is to help cheer and motivate your child and their teammates.
- Never under any circumstance yell or ridicule your child or any other player for a mistake. This only discourages your player from giving it their best.
- Set a good example, children learn from how you act. Setting positive examples creates a great culture for your player and their team.
- Applaud and cheer good plays not only by your child but by those by the team as well.

- Don’t publicly yell, criticize, or question the integrity of a referee during games.