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​​Queen​sborough​​ United ​Soccer club


 Queensborough United Soccer Club

  Mission  Statement

 To be successful community based program we have set out five primary objectives.

The first is to grow the game in the USA.   It is our long term goal to reach out to all communities and bring the beautiful game of soccer to them, making sure that once we have attracted those children of these communities that we retain them as they get older.

The second objective is to set standards of behavior that contribute to a child’s personal development.  Soccer is a great way to install values in our youth.  We will hold ourselves to a high standard toward meeting this challenge.  Positive values develop over time as children learn from their coaches and parents, referees, and other players.  If we as a club tolerate poor behavior, children learn that such behavior is acceptable.

Third, we will develop the latent soccer abilities of all our players.  Soccer is a lifetime sport; many players continue to play the game into adulthood.  We will make it our mission to work to develop all players to their potential, regardless of their abilities.  We hope eventually, these young players become the parents, coaches, and referees for the next soccer generation.  These future leaders need a background that promotes the continued growth of the game.​​
Forth, we accept the responsibility to foster a love for the game.  This entails providing opportunities for our players and families to enjoy the excitement of soccer.  Such opportunities might include travelling to regional tournaments and attending high-level soccer games as spectators.

Fifth, and most important, we will always remember the importance of allowing players to have fun.  Soccer is a game, not a chore.  If children are having fun, many of our other objectives are easier to achieve.  Children want to have fun, and adults want them to have fun.  But too often adults unwittingly emphasize success or another objective over enjoyment.  It is our club’s responsibility to create a fun, healthy environment for playing this great game. 

   Our Coaches

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Phone: 347-909-4113
Office 106-06 Queens Boulevard  3rd Floor
Forest Hills, NY 11375

What makes our Soccer Club different to our competitors :

Professional, enthusiastic coaches who understand they are coaching children not mini-adults .
Developing the skills of all players , building their confidence and growing their passion and love of the game.  Winter Indoor practice + Tournaments as well as League play +
Organized, Experienced,  Staff & Directors
A community club for the community of Queens


​​​QUSC coaches 

They understand the best way of motivating youth players is to provide attractive training which is geared towards the age group concerned. 

Our coaches have many years of experience teaching youth players and understand that their roles are more than just teaching, but also Supervising, Educating, Organizing, Setting an example and always Improving their

own teaching abilities and techniques.        

                                                           Our coaching staff dedicate many hours to making sure the soccer activities are specially geared towards the correct age groups.  They are busy with organizing informal games (Scrimmages) as well as league play and alternative forms of tournament play such as small sided games, thus providing a variety of soccer activities throughout the year.